deliberate mothering

The importance of what's on our walls:

On honoring how unique each child is:
star of the month
instilling confidence
five-facet reviews 

Teaching hard work:
hard work & independence
parenting breakthrough
hard work
enjoying the journey (working with kids)

On creating a family identity:
family mottos
family home evening
family traditions
Christmas traditions

The importance of putting your husband first:
my "number one"
Q & A -- the boys

Q & A -- Valentine's edition

On soaking in the moments:
cherishing the "doing"
cherishing the moments
little things

Embracing the "big talk":
the "big talk"

On giving ownership:
ownership of goals
ownership of arguments (the "fighting bench" explanation is near the end of this linked post)

On letting go and letting kids grow into themselves:
bitter-sweet {from babies to teenagers}
it is happening.
"big" kids
last baby
uncharted territory
holding on

On mothering toddlers:
the early years

Traditions that work:
Heart Attack
Thankful Tree

CHOOSE the best part
the myth of the "perfect mother"
Enough Already!
sacrifice and balance

Getting kids to help out:
Tutors & Tutees
summer paint project

On reading with kids:
favorite books

Teaching kids to serve:
Children for Children concert
finally...another boy in the family

Fostering imagination and creativity:
mirror land
"secret" club

Fostering faith in children:
"Fasting Club"--(includes "family testimony meeting")
once upon a time...
once upon a time (part 2)

Knowing when to back off:
when to meddle
cheaters and battles
lesson learned

Being your OWN kind of "best mom:"
"library mom"

money matters
money matters (part 2)
Q & A -- travel & money
a money system that works
vintage video of my Dad explaining our system

Organization ideas:
post-school filing system 

How much to push:
superior motherhood
average vs. extraordinary...what I learned from battle hymn of the tiger mother
to push or to praise...finding the balance between the two

Parenting children with special needs:
doctors and experts
high(er) expectations
the children's hospital
circles and experts
everyone needs a Mrs. Twinkle

Deliberate Mothering:
7 Motherhood Ideas I Love
five-facet reviews
visions of teenagers
holiness in motherhood
enjoying the journey
you be the judge: a new parenting book {entitlement}
getting out of personal ruts
parenting experts
motherhood epiphanies
teenager offense

"One Word" focus (I have found that having one thing to focus on each year makes me a more deliberate mother):

2015 -- "Enjoy"
2013 -- "Peace"
2012 -- "See"
2011 -- "Present"
2010 --  "Focus"
2009 -- "Choose" 
2008 -- "Be Still" 
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