"71 Toes" began in 2007 as a way to keep a record of family life and to stay in touch with family members sprawled across the country.  I have always been an avid journal keeper so a blog seemed like a perfect step-up from a journal.

Since then this blog has become a way to share photography and parenting ideas, to promote the joy of motherhood, and has been a huge comfort as we have dealt with various issues involving our daughter's syndrome diagnosis.  We can't seem to express our gratitude enough for all the support and love that has poured through this blog to us and to Lucy!  All the love and support prompted me to start our "I Love Lucy" project here.

This blog has also been a great tool for helping me be more deliberate about my mothering.  When I write something here it motivates me to really follow through.  I believe that good parenting and strong families make our world a stronger place, so it feels good to share the parenting ideas I've gathered through the years (many of them from my extraordinary parents).  I feel so grateful for wonderful blog readers who have helped spread our story.  I feel as if the interest and love from readers of this blog was one of the factors that helped motivate me to write a book with my mother (A Mother's Book of Secrets).

Although I share ideas and opinions here, I realize I have so much to learn.  I'm so grateful for all the ideas that I gather from others on a daily basis.  They make me deliberate and aware.
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