Thursday, February 7, 2019

paper hearts

Why do paper hearts bring us so much happiness each year when we plaster our kitchen with them? 
Ok, ha, those smiles aren't really from the hearts, or maybe they are??  Isn't it just so great to feel love from others?  

We sat around the table for FHE a little late this year and wrote up our traditional love notes to the whole family.

Love that Abby's in the mix this year as well.
 Some samples from all those hearts:

We carried that little tradition into Activity Days last night and I think these girls felt the love too.
We made all these hearts for the widows we know of in our neighborhood.
Then we pasted them on their doors, rang the doorbell and hid...

...then jumped out to give big hugs.  (all the girls' ideas)
It's a beautiful thing that it makes you just as happy to give love as to get it ;)


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  2. This activity is so sweet. You’ve inspired our family to do the same for years now. can be easily adapted to a classroom. Thanks so much!❤️💖💗

  3. Sis. Peterson is THE BEST!!! And her family... I bet she SO enjoyed the hearts from those girls. :)

  4. After seeing this for years, I finally remembered to write a note and I plan on "heart attack"ing the house for Valentine's Day with my daughter.

  5. Thank you for this! So easy to forget all the love we have for the world!

  6. Love all your hearts. Where do you buy them?

    1. We just cut up red and pink paper into heart-shapes :)


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