Monday, January 28, 2019

orange season

I thought I'd finish all that winter vacation wrap-up today, but right now Lu and I are in Wisconsin at some doctor appointments.  

And it is a cold place over here I tell you!  

This was the weather forecast when we landed in Minneapolis last night and drove the almost three hours here:
Yikes!  I'm just glad we're not going to be here on Wednesday and Thursday.

But we made it, and hoping to make it back through all that snow tonight.  

So for now, while Lucy is in an appointment, let's just talk about the desert and that fact that it's orange season right now.
Apparently I'm more excited about that than Claire is...
But we pretty much all love orange season around those parts. 

Not only is it pretty gorgeous weather, but we get to make this liquid gold.
 See those blood-red oranges?  They are the dreamiest ones.
 My mouth is watering.
Ok, back to the snow, but it felt good to look at orange pictures for a minute :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Safe travels. Yes its very cold there, some cold from Canada.Stay warm.God Bless you all xxx

  2. Prayers for a great appointment for Lucy! God Bless those doctors and specialists way out there with their knowledge for BBS!

  3. i am sitting here eating a strawberry shortcake (from my husbands birthday) and now i just want orange juice. man alive that is the best stuff in the world.


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