Thursday, November 1, 2018

film from Jerusalem

I have always been endeared to film photos.  It was tough for me to switch over to digital all those years ago.  So I think it's funny I have a girl who's completely addicted to film, even in this age where digital is so much easier and cheaper and more accessible.  

Elle carries her film camera around with her much more than she does her digital one, and she just sent us the most beautiful film photos from her time from Jerusalem (because remember, you have to go through all that development mumbo jumbo).  

Just thought I'd share some of my favorites.



...and back to Jerusalem...

...and back to home with her sisters:
...and her family who was obviously pretty excited to get her back:
She does have a point with all that film.  It is 😍.


  1. Great pix.

    At first I thought the girl in the ice cream pic was Claire.

  2. I just love film photography, there always seems to be more depth in the photos...


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