Tuesday, May 29, 2018

golden scholar awards

It was an oppressively hot spring night that the elementary and junior high schools finagled to smoosh in their "Golden Scholar" end-of-the-year ceremonies.

The teacher strike kind of made for a mad scramble at the end of the year to cram everything in.

But although I have mixed feelings about the whole golden scholar dealio, I was so grateful they got it all in, because this girl in the red glasses below was pretty darn ecstatic to be included:

She works so hard in school.  That's why Dave had her read her invitation letter aloud to the family...as she beamed. (last post)

First came the junior high ceremony:
 Let's see if we can spot Claire:
There we go:

Love these great kids:
Here she is with her second cousin:

Then it was on to the elementary school.  Can you spot Lu down there?
 She was pretty proud to walk across that stage:
...and show off her award to her sisters:

Oh boy this girl has an "angel team" to help her out at that great school every one of my children has walked the halls of:

Look at these sweeties:
I get to be their mom.

I'm one lucky lady :)

Maybe I don't feel quite so "lucky" when they yell and squabble, because they sure do.  But that night, that hot air encasing us all in love on that little pad of grass, I sure felt like the queen of luckiness.

And Lu?  Yeah, she's a pretty lucky lady too:
Love each of those golden girls with all my heart.

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