Monday, April 30, 2018

prom 2018

Ah, prom.

All that hoopla has come and gone.
And Grace had the best time.

I have to admit, I'm not a "dolling up" kind of a mama, but that whole process is pretty fun. 

She had some good helpers:
Lucy was her earring-choosing helper:)

And McKenna, one of Elle's best friends (who happens to be the best singer out there too that I wrote about back HERE) also happens to be awesome at "dolling up."

Then along came her cute date:

I'm going to go ahead and let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

But first I will warn you right now, there are a lot of them!  They were at our house again with an awesome photographer friend the boys got to come, but of course I couldn't stop myself capturing that pretty girl of mine and all the beauty of the night.

So here you go!

He wanted to do this one :)

Radiant her so much!

Then they were off.  And had the best night.


  1. Oh, how FUN! Grace looks BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the one of her holding her date.����

  3. she is such a beauty. i LOVE her modest dress too!! i remember when i was in high school, those were hard to come by!

  4. She is a beautiful young lady!

  5. Oh she look breathtaking!! Everything about her screamed beautiful ( inside and out)
    I’m so glad she had the best time !

  6. Grace’s hair is the stuff of dreams! What a beauty!

  7. Grace looks beautiful and I love her dress.It makes me so happy to see a teenager filled with such joy!!! She is a gem of a girl for sure.

  8. They are all lovely - but Grace just takes the cake.

  9. Grace is absolutely beautiful!

  10. She is so pretty! I was a gawky, awkward teenager. You don't seem to make any of those. :) Blue is really popular with the teen boys, I've noticed. haha

  11. Grace looked beautiful and I LOVED her hair. (Can somebody in cyber world please give me an idea how to get those waves, I have tried so many things!!) That color looked very pretty on her also.


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