Thursday, April 19, 2018

daddy daughter dance

Lucy loves this dad of hers.
So she was extra excited for the Daddy Daughter Dance fundraiser the school put on a couple weeks ago. 

She arranged her meticulous friend "schedule" she likes to keep situated around it and counted down the hours.

Finally it was time.  She and her friends pulled themselves out of the pool, we worked on her "Belle" hairdo, and this cute duo was good to go:
...only for about ten minutes when Dave texted that they were coming home...they got there and found that it was totally formal, suits and all.

So they came home speedy-quick to change, and after some serious sweet-talking with Lucy to get her to chance out of that blue dress that she thinks is the best thing since sliced bread (have I mentioned that girl has a will made of iron?), they came out looking quite glamorous:

Dave sent us these pics on our group family text:

Love that cute duo of mine.


  1. That is so cute. What a cute Dad he is. Your kids are lucky to have him.

  2. Awww this is adorable. I'm glad it went well! My SO and daughter have their (first) daddy-daughter dance this weekend. :)

  3. Hi Shawni, I know how passionate you are about kids and screens/technology..... there's going to be a meeting with some awesome instructors on May 17th in Gilbert at the American Learning Academy, 6-8pm. See Collin Kartchners instagram stories!

  4. Precious! How fun for Lucy and Dave!


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