Monday, January 15, 2018

celebrating two great men

Today was a busy day.  We had cousins sleep over, friends in and out all day, a dog haircut (yikes, how has it come to this?), a doctor appointment, we finished {what seems like} the 53 cabinets and drawers we pulled out and re-organized this weekend, and poor Dave is sick as sick can be.  Crossing our fingers that he can start getting better tomorrow. 

But I can't go to bed without mentioning that we got to celebrate two good men today in the midst of all the hoopla.

My brother Josh shares a birthday with Martin Luther King.  See what I mean?  Two of the greats :)

I loved that all day there were little things to remind me of great quotes from this man:
(I stole that picture from my friend/cousin's Instagram...thanks Sam!  Go follow her on @astylistguide for some great home ideas.)

There are so many good ones but I really, really love this one:
Grateful for courageous people who aren't afraid to stand up and make a difference and they power for good that they hold.

To celebrate Josh, we went to see Coco (such a good movie!), then ate Thai food and came home for cake and ice cream.
(As a side-note, yes those are still Christmas things behind us.  And also, Lucy's hair has been in that same elastic for three days.  Just a couple interesting tid-bits :)

That brother of mine is a wonder.  I'm so grateful he is mine.


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