Saturday, June 10, 2017

got our Hawaii girl back...

...and it is grand.
It was pretty much a whirlwind to get to this point, for her and for us, I don't think Elle slept more than a few hours her whole last week trying to study and take finals and also trying to suck the marrow out of that island of hers.  Whoa.  Hope maybe she can do a guest post about her first year experience at some time.  She loves that place with all her heart and is going to have some withdrawal problems being away from it this summer I'm betting :)  But all that hoopla from both sides before we got back together makes being together again even sweeter.  Dave was still in China at this point but now he's back too and life is good.

And hot.

And squabbly.

And full.

Which, all wrapped up together makes it grand right?



  1. Yay! I have enjoyed all of her amazing photos on Instagram. What an awesome experience! I'm glad you have her back for the summer!


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