Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lucy's latest (part 2)

Ok sorry but I just found this one on the counter yesterday and had to share one more.

Sure, she may need a little work on her story line, but her imagination both fills me with joy and cracks me up simultaneously.  The mixing of Max leaving on a mission and the imagination of the magic square and of course every story has to have an evil queen right?

Here we go, enjoy.


  1. 'text the black kingdom to do battle after school...' hahaha how precious! Both the texting part and that whatever it is, it has to wait till after school:)
    'the witch died to death...' too cute.
    Her story really made me smile with it's sweetness.

  2. I love so much that the details and plot twists are indicative that she's been read to, and that she loves reading! Thank you for your example. It gives me hope that I can be that for my children (who are still very young).

  3. she died to death...Hahaha that part made me laugh. How cute is she!

  4. "She died to death" Hahaha. So adorable. Can't wait to see stories like this floating around my home :)

    Chaun from

  5. I like how she uses the pen name Lucy Eyre!

  6. Oh gosh! Adorable! Powers! Love the periods and the dots over the appropriate letters! So artistic besides being deep and profound! Love that girl!


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