Monday, December 14, 2015

Winter Formal

Winter Formal is girls' choice, and Elle asked a cute boy named Justin.

I made her pose for me real quick before she went to pick him up:
...because she looked like a beauty.

I recruited a special photo-taking helper:
And we tested the light a little bit before the giant group arrived.

So many cute couples:

SO grateful for all these darling friends of Elle's.
 Including all these great boys.
The way they act together reminds me so much of all my good high school friends and makes me miss them!

One of the girls' dates was at a volleyball tournament and missed out on the pictures, so we got her front and center for a group one:

 After pictures they were off to my friend's house for a delicious dinner:

..then they had a great time at the dance, and came back combined with another group to hang out at our house after it was all done.

Yet another fun memory of a night that makes graduation even more ominous on the horizon.

Dang it!  Why do they all have to grow up?  Love that we get to take advantage of having them around while we can!


  1. Oh what a great night.. and her dress is stunning!!!...I can't believe she's graduating soon

  2. Where did Elle get her dress? It's beautiful!

  3. What a bunch of beautiful kids! I love all of the girls' dresses! What great memories, high school can be so much fun!

  4. Oh Arizona and its warm weather. Man I miss that place, Elle looks beautiful!

  5. WHERE DID ELLE GET HER DRESS?! I LOVE IT! And that's so fun! My brother just went to the Christmas dance this weekend and I got to take his group's pictures! :)

  6. Seriously gorgeous. And yes, like all the rest, I need to know! Where did Elle get her dress????

  7. The girl with the volleyball boyfriend- I just love her hair. Just perfect.

  8. That dress! Oh how I wish I had someplace sparkly to go!

  9. Beautiful! I love her dress, and her shoes! Please share where she got them from 😀

  10. I am just getting into photography, especially my kids. I would love to read some books and just become better. But I am so overwhelmed on where to start.

  11. Gorgeous stuff! From the kids to the clothes to the settings. Magical!

  12. Elle got her dress at Dillard's. I love it too. I'm glad my amateur alterations on the top part held up for the dance! :)

  13. that hand signal that the first couple is doing (not elle) doesn't mean what you think it means. kids these days ha


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