Wednesday, December 9, 2015

out with football, in with basketball

I don't know what the heck happened to my little girl who always used to elbow her way to the front and center every time I pulled out my camera with a big dimpled smile across her face.  Apparently she disappeared into a beautiful teenager who believes that selfies with friends are the way to go.  I better get some from her phone but for now, here's my little cheerleader at the end of the football season:

I love that she gets to have this cheer experience...she's eating it up and making some good friends in the process.

Kinda fun to get to know her friends better in our carpool and at the games.

 Now we're on to basketball season.
It's going to be a fun one.


  1. So dang cute! We heard a lot about Max and BYU..where is Elle thinking of going. Ugh that you will have 2 in a row!!

  2. She turned into you! She is your mini-me! Maybe not as tall, but that face is yours. She is gorgeous!

  3. She looks so strong and confident. What great traits to build in her youth.

  4. Love that girl! She is going to be the BWOC next year! Can't believe you are almost through the first semester of Elle's last year. How can that be? Love that girl too!


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