Monday, November 9, 2015

Lucy's birthday

Lucy turned nine last month.  I did a little post for her back HERE on the big day but never posted about the festivities.  It was an "on" year for a birthday party for her so we made it a big one.

We bobbed for apples:
We swam:

We had a "fish swimming" cake, made under Lucy's strict instructions...
We had a group of the sweetest ever kids over to help celebrate.
(love all the love in that last picture)

And we had real-live party planners:
It was a pretty grand day.

I pretended that big party was her actual birthday since in maneuvering nine other people's schedules it just so happened that I had to be gone on October 1st.  Luckily Dave and the kids did a great job putting on and documenting the real deal day.

Sure love this baby girl of ours.


  1. Happy Birthday Lucy! Looks like a really fun party. Love the "fish swimming cake".

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! So happy to get a glimpse of the fun, especially since we were far away together in Europe on her special day! Love that little arm hung around Lucy's neck in that cute group picture!

  3. AND that brilliant smile at the end! That is one happy girl!

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