Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lake Powell 2015

We had a few stars that aligned over Fall Break.

There are some people in life that are kind of like family, even though they're not actually blood related.

We had a few of them growing up.  My parents would call them "uncle" and "aunt" which was sometimes confusing to a kid I'll admit, but man, we loved those extra families who helped shape us as they continued to shape my parents.

Dave and I feel so grateful to have some of those extended family families, and especially grateful that our friends have kids who pretty much feel like extra cousins.  And they are good kids.  Doing good things.  Making good choices.

Our kids sure as heck better make good choices because they sure are surrounded with some great examples.  No pressure, kids ;)

Anyway, aside from getting to see our boy over the break, we got to get together with a group of those good friends.  Friends from back in college days and some from even before that (I think Dave and Mike were in every class together in elementary school).  Over the years we've gone from juggling newborns and rambunctious toddlers when we've gathered to find ourselves now in the throes of teenagers and college kids...and even a fiance thrown in the mix.

One of those families of friends couldn't join us at Lake Powell, but has some serious connections there so they got us set up with some sweet houseboats.
Six families gathered together in the best place on earth.

Yes, the stars were aligned alright I tell you!

And when the stars are aligned like that I'm pretty sure that means you must get matching t-shirts for everyone.

Yes, we're a little cheesy like that:)

We even got Max, who drove down with a few of the other college kids.

The kids (at least most of them...not sure where Lucy was)...
 This is what I got when I asked them to jump:
But that makes perfect sense because Sydnee is the one getting married :)

These girls opted for their own heel-click pic:

And this is what our family looks like when we just rolled out of bed on a lake.
...a little on the sleepy side, but so happy to be together.

I'm going to go ahead and let the pictures tell {most of} the rest of the story.

 This is his happy place for sure:

(Thanks for those jumping pictures Nichole!...and I think this next one is from you too.  Also some of these are from Melissa.  And some time I will post from Del and his drone when I get them.)

The last day was a tad bit more cool and cloudy.

But we didn't let that stop us.

Little Claire grew a new love of surfing and we all thought it was pretty funny that she could stand up before the boat even pulled her:

I just think that water is so beautiful.  Let's get a close up of the beauty shapes it makes:
Beautiful, right?

A few last games as we headed back to the marina.
Goodbye gorgeous Lake Powell...until next time.
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