Thursday, July 9, 2015

a quick trip to the lake

There was a lot going on this summer, so it was fun one day to put everything on hold and head to the lake for an afternoon.  Even if we have a child missing here or there, there's nothing like family time in the car...
 ...or in a boat:)
Sure there's fighting and arguing, but there's also a lot of communicating.

And I love communicating without phones and computers and dishes and cleaning and fluff getting in the way.

 And these kids sure have my heart.
 As does the boat driver, who unfortunately didn't make it into a picture, dang it!

I love how happy Grace is out there.

I got worse at surfing instead of better...
 I love how Max sticks out his tongue like that when he's concentrating.

And I love this great and beautiful desert of ours.

1 comment:

  1. My son does the same thing with his tongue (! He inherited it from my Grandma. Love those attributes that skip a generation or two.

    Your kids are amazing! I tried wakeboarding once and never got up out of the water. Figured it just wasn't a talent I was blessed with. I'm much better at cheering others on from the boat :)


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