Tuesday, April 14, 2015

prom 2015

Remember when I talked about crossing into the "dance phase" of teenagers back HERE

Well, we're in it full-swing.

It was Elle's first prom and Max's last on Saturday.

I don't think I've ever wanted to clone myself and be in two places at once quite so much before.  (They weren't in the same group even though it looks like it up there...I just made Elle and her date come take a picture on the back drop where I was taking Max's group pictures when her date came to pick her up.)  It was a little nutty because both needed completely different help and there was a lot going on this weekend, but it was pretty fun I must say. 

One day a week or so before the dance Elle looked at me like a deer in the headlights and told me all the stuff her friends were doing to get ready.  Yowzas.  Hair and make-up appointments, nails and eyebrow waxing, you name it, they had it scheduled.  Max went to prom last year but a boy is a whole different ballgame I tell you.  

When I went to dances in high school it was either a different world in Utah or things have sure changed over the years.  I just stuck my hair up in a little clip, sometimes curled it, sometimes not, whipped up a long enough dress on the sewing machine from some large scale floral curtain fabric, and I was good to go (I wish I could find pictures right now...I'll post later if I can find some).

We're not too fancy over here though so we narrowed down the most important things.  To Elle, they were: 1) find shoes to go with her dress (we got her dress made in China in anticipation because we knew it'd probably be rough to find something long enough for her here),
Check.  Sure, it was the night before, but still check.

Ok, those weren't the shoes we found, but that was our date to find them.  I think there's a rule that you have to try on some high tops if you find some cool ones while you're trying to find prom shoes, right?

2) get a manicure...
Check.  (That was more my choice than hers, but her nails were pretty awful before that little trip.)

and 3) get a fancy braid (how many times to you really get to do that in life?)

That morning I had a speech to give in a neighboring town (agreed to before we realized it was the same day as prom), and she had a tennis tournament all morning so I met up with her there, watched her lose with her brain clearly on prom, not tennis, raced home at 2:00, washed her hair quick as a wink, had a friend help her put on make-up and ran to get her braid.

I didn't even get a picture of the whole thing.  It was in my plan but by the time we raced home to slip on her dress Max's group was already there ready for the pictures I was taking for them.

We had the backdrop set up on the back porch like we did for Elle's group at MORP (back HERE), but used a white backdrop this time around.
I don't know why these are crystal clear in lightroom and all pixelated on this blog but bear with me on these...

After the first few couples I took a break because Elle's cute date arrived and Dave and I had to interview him for a minute.  He's such a nice guy.  Nice enough to agree to come take a picture on the back porch before he whisked Elle right off to Prom.

...and then we got back to the others...

Love this cute couple especially ;)
My personal favorite:

I couldn't resist snapping a few more couples in that gorgeous golden light...especially, of course, Max and his date.

This was the "before-the-dance" shot:
Well, one of the many.  Ha!  

And this was the "after-the-dance" shot one of them was smart enough to have taken.

Apparently the dance floor was a little on the crowded and sweaty side.  And apparently they had fun.  Funny.

Elle said she looked about like that too, but I don't have a picture of that.

Yes, teenagers are a little crazy to have around.  But so dang fun.

**post edit note: I have removed the photos of Elle and the comments on this post because of a little bit of controversy.  I'll try to answer some of the questions asked soon in another post (or maybe here), because there were some good ones and things I'd love to clarify, but I've been gone all day and just stopped home for a minute before I'm off to watch that tall wonderful girl of mine in one of her last remaining tennis matches. 

Ok I'm back.  Wins on the tennis and volleyball courts this afternoon which is pretty fun in the wake of some losses last week.  Ok, on to sleeves.  The controversy earlier was about whether Elle's shoulders should show or not on her prom dress to ensure her modesty.  I would like to be clear that Elle and I do indeed believe in and try to follow the guidance we get from our church leaders and we are grateful for the "strength of youth" guidelines.  We were careful to make sure the strappy things covered her shoulders when we got the dress made but it looks like we should have been more careful because it slipped up a little in the picture I posted and should have probably covered more shoulder in the first place.  I apologize if that made people feel bad.

I hope that people reading this blog who do not know much about our religion will understand that although we do have guidelines that we believe help us have optimal happiness in life, we believe that God cares much more about our hearts than anything else and that we really do try to give each other the benefit of the doubt and love one another as Christ did.  I wrote more about that back HERE if anyone cares to read.

Love, Shawni
p.s. for the record, I just want any of the girls in this post who may be reading it to know that I think they look gorgeous.  When I sent them the pictures I took I told them I could feel their lights shine from the inside because I sure could.  They are all great kids who are making great decisions navigating these sometimes tricky teenage years and I'm so grateful for the good influences they are on my children, regardless of religion or hemlines.  

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