Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine heart attack

We did our traditional Valentine's Day "heart attack" this week for the first time in our new house.

 I love being surrounded by love notes each year in February.
 Makes my heart so happy.

Even if sometimes they are hanging there amidst some swirls of every-day squabbles.

Let's pretend that I was on-the-ball enough to make up a great little collage of all these hearts instead of having them strung out like a long rope through this post.  And who knows why blogger makes them look all pixelated.

 Seriously these look perfect until I put them on this blog...maybe it's just my computer.

But you get the idea.
Hmmm...looks like I'm missing a good representation for Dave, dang it.  I guess I took these a little too randomly.
 Lu wasn't about to stick to just writing what she loves about the family, because she loves art too, you know.

...and she loves activity days too.
Just so you know... :)

 Oh man I love February!

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