Monday, September 8, 2014

first trip to the [Chinese] grocery store

The day after we arrived in China we took off to stock up at the grocery store.

We brought our "Ayi" Joyce with us (below) to show us the ropes:
(More about her later.)

For now, I'm just going to let the pictures and videos tell the story of how different this is from what we are used to:

(That's some kind of gigantic squash up there.)

I don't have a picture of the live fish who jumped out of it's fish tank and splashed the kids but here's a video the kids took with my camera a split second after.  Their voices tell the story of how un-used to this kind of thing they are...we need to work on that a tad bit...:

Such different produce.

How do you chose milk from this?
It was all so foreign to us then but now after a week and a half it's starting to feel a little more normal.
We have been able to find some great things we like, but it's still a work in progress!


  1. I am curious, what is the exchange rate for currency. 1 american dollar would equal how many chinese yen?

  2. If you have time, can you please tell me where your oldest daughter got her sandals? I first noticed them in your India pictures. So cute!

  3. I love Asian markets! They have such different things than what we have here in the states. I'm jealous of all of the seafood (not so much of the duck with the head though.) Your kids will ace "Fear Factor" next year at the reunion!

  4. $1 US Dollar equals 6.14 Chinese Yuan

    Shawni, Joyce looks like the sweetest (and most helpful) Ayi ever. ENJOY!

  5. Haha elle's face in the last pic!! This is the most exciting blog I read right now! I love hearing about the Pothier adventures in China!!

  6. Shawni, have you come across this?

    Great food...a bit expensive but well worth it...we have some friends who are christian missionaries in Shanghai who love kateandkimi :)

  7. Wow!!!! I'd be freaking out with all that food. I'm so picky. Love keeping up with your fun adventures. You guys are awesome.

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  9. So fun to have met you guys! Hope you enjoyed the weekend and were able to get out and about! EEEKS...Grocery shopping is a task here for sure. Talk soon and have a good week!

  10. The first time I saw the fish alive in the tanks ready to be cooked in restaurants shocked me, but i's a question of freshness after all. And the milk? Most expensive thing I ever bought while in Hong Kong! There are not many cows in that area and it was imported, hence the high prices.

  11. Carrefour is a French international company. Even though a lot of the goods are Chinese, you should be able to find some European goods too. Here is a link that talks about the company

  12. Looks so familiar! Just love those crazy markets! Bring home some of those large slimy squids for Fear Factor next year okay?


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