Monday, September 29, 2014

a back-to-school photo shoot

For some reason these pictures are showing up pixelated, just imagine them crystal clear how Elle took them will you?  Thank you :)

Back at home my friend (and cousin) asked Elle to do a back-to-school photo shoot for her kids with a backdrop.

We checked around the house to find the best place for lighting and we landed in the family room.

I adore the light in there (and miss it so much here!)

This is what it looks like with a gray backdrop:
And this is what it looks like without.  (I am always Elle's model to set up :)

We did a few trial shots with the girls who were hanging around.
 (5th Grade)
 (2nd Grade)

We re-introduced the good old fan as a prop for hair movement.  (We haven't done that since clear back HERE.)

Lu was in a grumpy mood.  Elle sure knows how to cheer up kids who need it.

And then the "real" models arrived:

Cutest kids ever.

I love how they turned out. 
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