Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the lake

We lucked out and got to kick off the summer with a trip to the lake.

With some of our favorite cousins.

(Ok, they are all our favorite cousins, but we sure love these guys!)

These cousins happen to be pretty talented at water sports:

That is really a flip.  Check this out:

(Sorry, I couldn't help posting all those pics...)

The double surfing didn't work quite as well as it did last time back HERE.
They couldn't get the wake quite right.
LOVE Lu's face in that one :)

Dave figured it out a little better without her.


  1. How fun! I love boating, I can't wait to go and that flip was awesome!

  2. Holy cow!!! How talented are they?!?! piggy back riding while on a wakeboard?!?!? THAT IS INSANE. Crazy talent :)

  3. Nothing like a summer day on a lake! Good to see your David's back is better!


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