Sunday, June 15, 2014

some video clips of my favorite dads

So grateful for how he pushes and loves our children.

He's the best thing that ever happened to them.

They will never understand that until they are parents themselves.

Just as I am more in awe than ever, as a parent, of my own deliberate Dad and the things he sacrificed and worked his heart out for to raise us:

(more on that funny video back HERE)

...and Dave's Dad.

He grew up with an alcoholic father who was angry most of the time.  How he turned that only example of fatherhood into raising nine of my favorite people with this kind of love and compassion is amazing to me:

Can you not just feel the love in that face of his?

I shared this one last year, but have to share again.  I love it so.

How incredibly grateful I am for Dads.

And for how they make the world go around.

Thank you, Dads.

And happy, happy Father's Day.  You are dearly loved, even if that love is only shown through whining, tantrums and messes at this point in time.  You are changing lives for the better with every sacrifice you make.

Those sacrifices change things.

Change people.

And I believe that THAT is exactly what our divine Father, the One loving and watching over us from above, had in store.    


  1. How cute is your dad!? I loved the end... "one last thing...I'm going to show you how to eat a boy." What a sweet man. You can just tell how much you all adore him!

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