Friday, May 2, 2014

speaking of families...

Going through pictures I just found these Lucy wrote in her "journal" after Christmas this last year (more about that back HERE).

Just wanted to share because it makes me so happy for families.
pezit = present

I love how she conceptualized that that present was "just for fun."

...and because "they loved me, that's why."

That end part is trying to show the broken-in-half-heart-shaped necklace Claire gave her that says "st" and "ends" right above each other that fits perfectly with Claire's that says "be" and "fri" to make "best friends."

So grateful that little girl of ours feels so much love for her siblings.

And speaking of siblings, boy oh boy one of mine is going through some pretty bitter/sweet heart-wrenching/heart-soaring stuff with his brand new baby girl (along with his amazing wife).  That sweet new baby has some heart issues and they are teaching me so much with their Chrits-like love and faith as they cope.  To read their story click HERE.

Love you Noah and Kristi...and baby Shelby!


  1. Love to see Lucy's writing! After teaching K-1 for 8 years, it makes me so happy to see all the notes she writes. She's quite the writer. Love that she's excited about writing too! Thanks for sharing your have a big heart and your family does so much for others-it shines through from your blog.

  2. Noah and Kristi's story reminds me of our story, but with a different heart condition. Sending prayers their way!

  3. That adorable little Lucy. How fun to read what's going on in her creative little mind! Love it!

  4. I am just looking for some advice. How do you store, backup, and organize all of your wonderful photos?


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