Wednesday, February 12, 2014

journal gems

A couple weeks ago I turned into drill-sergeant mode and had my kids clean out their cubbies.  

You should have seen those puppies, jam-packed with everything you can imagine.  

The process of our clean-out led us to some journals smooshed in there between all the artwork and scraps of paper.

So we switched from clean-out mode to a reminiscent mode.

Cause that's kind of how I roll, distracted.

Hmmmmm, and I wonder why my kids get distracted so easily...

We found some real gems in those little precious books that I had to share:

Pay-day for a mom:

And at the end of the day we still ended up with tidy cubbies.
It was a win-win, distractions and all.

The only trouble is, at least in my sweet childrens' eyes, is that is kicked me into gear to remind me I need to be the "journal-writing-more-often-sergeant" too :)


  1. hilarious! love it! :) and... cute cubbies.

  2. Where did you get your cubbies? so cute!

  3. That "My Testimony" journal entry almost made my cry! You almost see right into their little hearts when you read those thoughts. So special.

  4. what kind of things do they keep in their cubbies?

  5. This post is lovely. Do you keep the letters etc in their memory books/journals?

    Actually, please could you do a post sometime on how you do memory books/scrapbooks etc for your family? Do you do project life or things like that?

    Also, how do you get great close ups of the letters etc? Do you take close ups with your camera? I'd really love some tips on how you do this.

    Thanks for a great blog, it's brill:)

    1. P.S. I love how you call things puppies. I've never heard of that before, well only in the dog kind anyway:)

  6. I also would like to know where you got your "cubbies?" They are perfect. Love this post.

  7. Love journals. I keep all mine in a basket in the sitting room so anyone can help themselves for a read - fortunately my life's pretty uneventful so can do that safely ;-) Even though my kids are now teenagers they love reading about themselves when they were babies in my journals. They've kept irregular journals themselves and it's so funny to read the things they wrote when they were tinies. Julie, if you have a camera with a 'closeup' option (usually shows as a face or a flower on the options dial) you can get great closeup pics of letters. I usually have to take pictures in bright daylight and turn the flash off to get the best pic.

    1. Thank you for the tip:)

      Another idea is to scan & print the items.

      Best wishes from a very wet & flooded UK.

  8. Totally heart melting!

    I MUST know where those cubbies are from! I am in desperate need of some!

  9. I've been looking for cubbies like yours--will you please share where you found them? Love your blog!

  10. Our cubbies are from Target years ago, but I bet if you can't find them you could just google "wall magazine rack" or look them up on Amazon and there will be a ton of options. There are some cute ones here too:

    Good luck!

    Lillian, we just use those cubbies for any little odds and ends the kids leave out: homework, notebooks, notes they might want to keep...just a place to stick their stuff. That's why they have to clean them out on a pretty regular basis because they get stuffed.

    Their journals are usually in there too which I love because they're easy access.

  11. Oh and as to the close-ups of the letters, I do just what rachfishop said, just take close-up pictures of them with no flash. I usually put whatever I'm taking a picture of right by my north facing window in my kitchen because that's where the exposure is the best.

  12. Thank you for answering my question Shawni & for the tips:)


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