Saturday, February 22, 2014

a sweet note

After a week of feeling awful (annual allergies melding into bronchitis), and a cough so violent I was sure it would burst my ribs apart, Lucy solemnly handed me this note:

I love the rolling lines, like lush hills creeping up and down.

I love the spelling.

I especially love the exclamation marks.

I held her tight, her smile pressing into me, and told her once again I am the luckiest mother on the planet to get to call her mine.


  1. SOOO sweet! Feel better!!!! Btw:you answered some questions we had about the green kitchen chairs a while back. Thank you! We got the last ones in our state (no longer selling the green) and WE LOVE THEM!!!!

  2. I think your daughter is in 1st grade? I'm actually pretty impressed with her penmanship and spelling! Also, I like that she promises not to sit down during soccer practice. :)

  3. I also received sweet notes from 2 of my children this week and thanks to your blog I took a picture of them so I can remember them!

  4. Sooooo adorable! So fun to see what is going on in her head! What a sweetheart! I'm worried about you too. Are you feeling any better? Hate those allergies! You better come and live here for a couple of months every year!

  5. I love this. It is such a sweet reminder that she understands compassion. You are a wonderful mother and must be teaching her wonderful things through your example.

  6. I so enjoy reading your blog each day. You are truly an inspiration as a mother. I hope to incorporate some of your activities, morals and beliefs into my family. Thank you!


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