Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a hike with cousins

It does something good to my spirit to hike in the beauty of God's creations.

...with people I love.

...and with a couple daughters who took most of these pictures.

Namely this daughter:

The big kids hiked all the way to the top.

Us moms hung back with the little girls.
Have I mentioned how much I adore my sister-in-law Julie?

...and this girl too, who was obviously dressed perfectly for hiking :)


  1. I find such beauty in the desert. Gorgeous hike. Which one is it?

  2. I should have mentioned that one of my favorites is Pinnacle Peak :)

  3. What a fun activity to do with all the beautiful photos.

  4. That looks like an amazing place - but awfully prickly! Aren't you even a little bit nervous walking there?

  5. LOVE IT! Gorgeous pics of gorgeous places and gorgeous people!


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