Thursday, November 14, 2013

whipping kids into shape

I’m happy to report that our job charts have been in much better shape lately.2013-09-30 Lucy's birthday 88528(Remember THIS POST about the lack of motivation to get those things done…)

Hold on, let’s check out this little reader in the background a little more closely:2013-09-30 Lucy's birthday 88531Ahhhh, heart-melter.

But back to business.

All it took to get those kids kicked into gear was tell them whoever had the least amount of boxes checked at the end of the week would magically turn into the babysitter that weekend for Dave and my weekend date.

Yep, that whipped them into shape lickety-split.

The only problem is that now we have no babysitters…


  1. I LOVE it, hahahaha, the babysitter!!! We have 4 teenagers right now who think they are too old and cool for job charts, maybe I should do something like this. I could really use a date night :-)

  2. That's so awesome, there is always the need for motivation, I love it. My daughter is reading the Ivy and Bean books too, she absolutely loves them!

  3. I've had great success modeling our job charts after yours. Thanks much for the detailed explanation a while back. Works well!


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