Tuesday, July 9, 2013

house projects

Sometimes getting a few much neglected things done in the midst of chaos gives me such a rush.

We have had a LOT of comings and goings this spring/summer.

And every time someone has come to our front door, they have been welcomed by this beautiful, well-nurtured flower bed:2013-05-16 end of school 75502

Lovely, right?2013-05-16 end of school 75504

And these unfinished things on the front entry wall:2013-05-14 misc. 75410

(The FHE painting we made back here got moved up to the playroom since I have had this other idea formulating in my head forever and finally wanted to make it come to life.)2013-05-14 misc. 75412

Finally last month I had had enough and went and bought my annual summer flowers.

Sure, they sat there next to my heap of weeds dying for a few days as I kept waiting for the perfect opportunity to plant them with my girls (they love that stuff).  But I finally quit waiting for them and plunked down and planted them by myself.2013-05-17 end of school 75579

Mini rush right there.2013-05-17 end of school 75581

Then onto my entry wall:

Someone gave me the idea years ago to collect parts of nature from everywhere you visit, and keep it in a jar for memory sake.  (And beauty sake because wow, this world is beautiful.) 

And since I have a serious issue with loving to travel and going hog-wild over nature, imageI figured it would be a great way to keep a little memory right there where we can all remember it better.

When I saw these shelves at World Market I knew they were the perfect thing to use for the collection I started a couple years ago.

2013-05-18 end of school 756432013-05-18 end of school 756462013-05-18 end of school 756472013-05-18 end of school 756502013-05-18 end of school 756532013-05-18 end of school 756542013-05-18 end of school 756562013-05-18 end of school 756572013-05-18 end of school 75662

2013-05-18 end of school 75640And the greatest thing?  Still lots of cubbies waiting to put more memories in.


  1. Love this!!! I need to do this.

  2. I love those cubbies they are so cute!!! (wish I traveled enough to collect cute stuff like that) I'm afraid to fly :|

  3. The shelves from your travels...What an amazing idea!

  4. I love this idea. I may have to borrow it!

  5. Great idea! I might have to make a trip to World Market!

  6. Shawni, I love those rushes, too! And they make me feel like I have some control over something somewhere! Love the cubbies! I have got to start shopping at World Market. Seriously.

  7. That is such a cute idea! I love personalized decor. Also, wanted to let you know I stopped reading "The Kitchen House". I got to 80 something where there was a scene with Marshall being abused, went and read a bunch of reviews that said it's a bunch of tragic events after another and doesn't even end on a hopeful note:( I went back to reading "Unbroken" Hope you're having an amazing time on vacation!

  8. Oh such a clever and cute idea

  9. Shawni,
    I love those display cases. Thanks for sharing your ideas and creativity. Any chance you remember the name of the cubbies? I am trying to find them online.

  10. Those cubbies are such a cool idea for saving travel knick knacks! I always want to save that stuff and have it sitting out, but then it feels cluttery. I love this!

    perfectly priya


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