Saturday, July 13, 2013

essential swimwear winner

It's Friday, right?


I'm losing track of time around here with all this family around up at the lake.

But I'm here to announce the lucky winner for the Essential Swimwear give-away (that I was supposed to announce on the real Friday):

Felix who said:  "I really like the Black Metallic Board Shorts - they are cute enough to wear out for some errands!"
(picked from

Congrats!  Please send your contact info. to me at sepphotography at gmail dot com and I will forward it on to Brittney who will give you instructions on how to shop with your winnings :)

Brittney is nice enough to offer 15% off for anyone else who has fallen in love with those great suits.  Just enter 71TOES15 at checkout.  That code will be valid until July 31st.  

Click here to see all that great stuff again.


  1. Oh, thanks so much! I haver never won anything, this is fantastic!

    I sent an email, it should be coming from "Yana Maloylo".

  2. Those materials enable the body to be in a more hydrodynamic position and incredibly to lessen drag in the water, empowering the swimmer to swim speedier than common. sauvage bikini


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