Tuesday, June 25, 2013

swimming FHE

It is so darn hot here this is about all we can do for Family Home Evening.2013-06-10 summer 77337

But we’re not complaining.2013-06-10 summer 77341

Max missed out cause he was at volleyball and Elle opted to sit on the sidelines and do her photography thing.2013-06-10 summer 77377

Looking for the toothpick:2013-06-10 summer 77351

Found it…2013-06-10 summer 773522013-06-10 summer 773542013-06-10 summer 773322013-06-10 summer 773552013-06-10 summer 773572013-06-10 summer 773622013-06-10 summer 773682013-06-10 summer 773812013-06-10 summer 773852013-06-10 summer 773892013-06-10 summer 77390


  1. Brill way to cool off:)

    Great pix too, well done Elle:). I especially love the ones of you, Grace & Lucy (especially the way Grace is hugging you) & the one of Grace & Lucy - they are so alike.

    I laughed at the ones of Claire jumping in the air - that's so funny!!!

    I bet you're all really glad for a pool in your back garden during the hot summer.

  2. TOOTHPICK!! Whenever we play that game..people always go, HUH? Nice to see other people know it!

  3. Nice work Elle! Love seeing everyone looking so "cool"!

  4. LOVE the picture of you and your husband. It show real love. It's touching!!

  5. Hi! I was just wondering if Elle would like to do a guest post next month for my new photography tips website. I think it would be so fun to have a post from a teenage photographer! The website will be launched in a couple of weeks. We will have 5 photographers from around the country sharing their advice to new photographers and mom photographers. Let me know if she would be interested :)



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