Tuesday, June 11, 2013

last day of school

2013-05-22 iPhone 76279

“Lucky rainbow” pancakes for breakfast:2013-05-23 summer kick-off 758712013-05-23 summer kick-off 758722013-05-23 summer kick-off 758732013-05-23 summer kick-off 75878Lu had “water day.”2013-05-22 iPhone 762822013-05-22 summer kick-off 761962013-05-22 summer kick-off 761982013-05-22 summer kick-off 76199

6th Grade BBQ:2013-05-22 summer kick-off 76204

Yeah, I’m sure glad I know they worked their tails off this year to deserve non-stop parties the last day…2013-05-23 iPhone 762942013-05-23 iPhone 76295

Lu’s darling kindergarten teacher gave her a DVD slide show of pictures from the whole year.

She has watched it approximately 45 times.  Love it.2013-05-23 iPhone 76302

Grace insisted on making some treats for her last-day-of-school party and to pass around to all the staff she loves so much who she will miss next year.2013-05-23 summer kick-off 75880

She was a little sentimental on her last day of elementary school. 

So was I.

Every year they have a big assembly to honor the outgoing 6th graders.2013-05-23 summer kick-off 758862013-05-23 summer kick-off 75888

And then they switch around all the grades to their new “positions” for the assemblies.  The third-moving-to-fourth-graders get to move from sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor to the bleachers. 

Claire was a little excited about that.2013-05-23 summer kick-off 758932013-05-23 summer kick-off 75894

And these girls were excited to be the head honchos heading out to Jr. High.2013-05-23 summer kick-off 75896

How did that happen so fast??? (We love their great teacher…who Max and Elle had as well back when they were “little.”)2013-05-23 summer kick-off 75906

After the assembly, per tradition, the sixth graders parade around the whole school giving high-fives to everyone on their way off to Jr. High. 

It always makes me a little emotional.

Here’s Lu saying goodbye.  2013-05-23 summer kick-off 75901

She’s off to first grade.

My baby.

My friend threw a huge swim bash for all the sixth graders.2013-05-23 summer kick-off 75915

And then it was off into summer and 115 degrees.  So there’s been a lot of the above going on since then!


  1. busy busy.. but looks so fun!!!!
    Ok, I have a Q... How on earth is your house always clean and tidy, no matter what pic we see it is.. there is NO clutter out, nothing? How supermom do you do it!!! :)

    Please please tell me you have someone come help you.

    and when do u fit in laundry, vaccuming, dusting, all those things?

  2. that looks so fun! I wish I had a pool! I used to love the last day of school and sometimes wish I could go back to those days :)

  3. I love your family! Es una familia muy feliz, unida, agradable... Ya casi no existen familias así !! Un ejemplo a seguir!

  4. That was almost s good as being there!

  5. Oh, it's so strange to see non uniformed school children (we're big on uniforms in Australia). Love the rainbow pancakes, so simple. You make life look sunny and lovely. Your kids are so happy. And I'm not jealous at all (I have no kids, so no way to compare). Just enjoy the brightness in my days!

  6. I agree with Sarah N about the uniform, I'm still I'm school myself (last year) but it would be so weird to not go to school in my white shirt, green jumper and skirt with penny loafers! They're big on uniforms here in Ireland too

  7. I thought you would like to know that someone has been using the image of the rainbow pancakes on their Facebook page.


  8. Uh how did you make those awsome rainbow pancakes? I love them!

  9. Just stopping in from Oh.em.gee it's Nikkie - I can't wait to make rainbow pancakes for my boys! I'm always in the kitchen and this will be fun to do with them. We've made pumpkin pancakes before that were bright orange and they were a hit!



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