Friday, April 26, 2013


This post is going to be pretty picture-heavy because Lu does so darn much art and I love it so much I can’t not take pictures of it.

I will forever be fascinated by the shapes and colors she chooses.  Is this an abstract cat?2013-03-26 misc 714992013-02-21 misc 702622013-04-04 iPhone 733192013-04-17 misc 737762013-03-15 memories 714672013-03-15 memories 71468

My Dad had a little chat with Lu a while back that since she is an “artist” she could take liberties to do whatever she wanted in her art, including letting animals have as many legs as she wants them to have.  I think she would love it if there were some sort of “octopus cat" like this one:2013-03-15 memories 714692013-03-15 memories 714702013-04-17 misc 73782

I love the way she writes her fancy letters.2013-02-21 misc 70255

This was one where she was doing something for each holiday.  The hearts in the middle are Valentine’s Day, there’s a black (?) Christmas tree, I think the little girl with the cake is Lu’s birthday.2013-02-21 misc 702572013-02-21 misc 70258

She made her own “chocolate chip cookies:”2013-02-21 misc 702592013-02-28 sports 70340

This is the lunch sack she made for her field trip to the zoo.  Seriously, heart melter.2013-04-10 school 73019

Not only is she diligent in art, she is diligent as can be with her writing and reading.2013-03-08 misc 71027

She will go through her flashcards and read and write them with deep concentration.2013-03-08 misc 71028

Her handsome Dad will work with her on the amidst Elle’s tennis matches.2013-03-19 iPhone 73076

Her vision teacher has started adding Braille to her flashcards.2013-02-21 misc 702602013-02-21 misc 70261

At first Lu was totally skeptical of all this Braille stuff but we all think it’s about the coolest thing since sliced bread so she’s started to get pretty excited and proud of it.  2013-04-23 misc 74017

I had an IEP meeting recently with her teacher, the school psychologist and her vision teacher. It was around the same table as this one was last year, and once again I shed tears of the deepest gratitude for these women who look out for Lucy and adore her despite her feistiness.

She is doing so well is school.  Academically she is right on.  She was among the first of the kids in her class to pass off all her 100 sight-words and get her own spanking-new library card and boy oh boy is she proud of that thing.  Socially I worry so much about her, but honestly for some reason reading the book Wonder (at the end of that post) helped me a lot on that front. I hear about some emotional outbursts that happen at school sometimes, mostly around food, which breaks my heart, but I know they’re getting better.  She’s growing and learning so much and usually has a big gappy (from so many teeth lost) smile on her face. 

And how I love it.

Here’s field day I got to help at a little bit:2013-03-28 iPhone 73167

Lucy LOVES to make books along with her reading and writing, and I could fill up my whole computer with pictures of them. Here’s one of my favs. lately:2013-03-27 iPhone 731562013-03-27 iPhone 731572013-03-27 iPhone 731582013-03-27 iPhone 731592013-03-27 iPhone 731602013-03-27 iPhone 73163

She is still head-over-heels in love with “The Monster at the End of This Book” that I talked about back here.  Here’s one page from her latest edition:2013-04-17 misc 73786

And here she is reading with her enthusiasm:

Lu likes routine.  Which means she likes to have the same things to eat ALL THE TIME.  This is always her breakfast of choice:  Kix, milk (her only glass of the day), and applesauce (that we mix her eye vitamins in).  Every single day.  And they all need to be served in blue dishes most of the time.2013-04-04 misc 72544

I have loved teaching Art Masterpiece in her class this year…2013-04-04 iPhone 73315

…and my heart melted when I got a fat manila envelope from the kids thanking me for coming in throughout the year.  Here are a couple of the cuties:2013-04-23 misc 740232013-04-23 misc 74026

My favorite, of course, was Lu’s":2013-04-23 misc 740182013-04-23 misc 74021

Lucy’s “sport of choice” is swimming.  I wrote about how much I ADORE her swim class at Aqua-Tots back here, but for the month of April she has also done a mini swim team every day after school.  It has been awesome.2013-04-04 iPhone 733182013-04-23 misc 74033

The coaches melt my heart looking out for her.2013-04-23 misc 740462013-04-23 misc 74048

2013-04-07 general conference 72919

Love her.


  1. Shawnie, my brother started going blind when he was 15 and became totally blind at 28 from detached retinas. When my grand kids came along we searched the internet and found Dr Seuss books done in braille and the written word. No pictures though. They are the coolest things and gave him the opportunity to sit and read with my little kiddos. ~ Kathy White

  2. Man, so many people in this world love that girl :).

  3. I've been loving the updates on the kids this week!! I love watching your family grow up. Your kids just look like the nicest kids!

    I loved seeing Lucy's beautiful artwork. You should think making a coffee table book with Lucy's art, pics of your family and info about BBS. You could make it to raise proceeds for research about BBS. If you made it, I would buy one!

    Your paralyzed friend,

  4. It would be cute to make her art into shrink-dinks...then into magnets!

  5. She couldn't be any cuter!! I'm a teacher and I love that video of her reading. Melts my heart.

  6. Love all your posts about your kids. They're beautiful indeed!

    Lucy's art reminds me of Brian Andreas a little bit. He's an author and you know his work? You should check it out to see what I mean. I love it (and Lucy's too).

  7. Also, check out this cool way to display your child's artwork! Found it on Pinterest...

    could be cool for Lucy's pictures!

  8. Can you explain Art Masterpiece more? Is it a program I could follow for my kids? Or is it something you (or your kids school) is expert in?

  9. First of all, Lucy is amazing! I have to ask, does she have that book memorized or is she actually reading it??? If she is actually reading it, wow!!!!!

    Secondly, is that a word? :)......I am LOVING the update on your kids! I have told you before I am in awe of the large families your faith seems to share. I am of the christian faith and adore all the family things you all do!

    Keep writing....your #1 fan!

  10. Oh man we love that little girl. Maybe she's destined for drama classes. Hearing her read books is simply a delight.

    Her art is astounding! Look how she instinctively knows about the color wheel on that drawing of shapes and how she shades the edges. Her decision to make people sometimes as triangles and sometimes as rectangles is just amazing! What a gal! I like the idea of putting her art in a book to encourage other BBS parents. This is quite a journey!

    How perfect that she is swimming every day! Congrats on the great work getting her where she needs to be to succeed!

  11. That blessed Lucy. What a great reader! And the braille...gosh.

  12. she is PHENOM. i really like her art. tell her uncle jonah loves her pictures and her reading prowess.

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