Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a new easy-peasy hairstyle

My sister taught me to do a new hair-do.

She's all hip like that, and I have four daughters' hair to try to cope with every morning, so I'm glad she shares very important things like this with me.

This is so darn easy.  (I'm mad I used my iPhone to illustrate and that I didn't think to take pics of actual steps....I'll do that next time I have a whiz-bang hairstyle to share.)

First you take a stretchy headband.

You place it on the crown of your head on top of all your hair (don't pull any hair through like you would if you're putting on a headband like a normal person).

Then you pull your hair together in the back, twist it together and tuck it into the back of the headband like this:
(You must make sure your girls are very serious while you take the picture...)

Here's the back view:

And here's a blurry front view:
You can smooth out those bumps a little more if you'd like...

Is that easy-peasy or what?

Just had to share.


  1. Cute! I will have to show my daughter. She thinks I have no taste and is constantly saying "my style is different than your style!" We will see what happens...... =)

  2. We've done that before, but at night and slept on it, producing beautiful curls in the morning! Cute and easy. :D

  3. Oh my! I love things that look like it has taken you ages, but are simple and quick!

    I love what Amy had to say about sleeping with it too.

  4. What a great idea. I love new hairstyles and the easier, the better!

  5. How fun! Definitely gonna try this!

  6. I was baptized two months ago, and this is the hairstyle I used to make myself presentable in less than five minutes after my hair was all wet! It has never worked as well for me as it did that day. Oh well, maybe that was Heavenly Father's way of allowing me to enjoy the moments of my baptism and not worry about my hair :)

  7. Another idea:

    If they do this same hair do to their hair a little damp before bed with a little hairspray and then take out the headband in the morning, it will have a great loose curl to it. I watched a you tube video on it and it totally works!

  8. it's too cute. we call it the vintage curl. my girls sleep in it then take it out in the morning

  9. Love it, thanks! I'm always looking for new easy hairstyles!!

  10. I so need a tutorial. I tried it with my long hair and I either have too much hair or my head is shaped funny because the headband won't stay down in the back. Dang cuteness - I want it!

  11. I wore this hairstyle out with my friends and one asked if I had gotten my hair done! Thanks for the post!

  12. I also did this style when i was young ,hehe


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