Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween bash

Dave and I are not “dress-uppers” for Halloween.

I know, we’re no fun at all, but we just don’t get into that stuff.  It just seems like we have enough to worry about getting five kids gussied up in costumes (four girls is no cakewalk I tell you).

But how can you not dress up when you get something like hanging on your door one morning?2012-10-04 cooking 61739

…and then you get assigned to a team after you RSVP and receive a special “witch book” like this:2012-10-24 life 63580

…with things outlined like this:2012-10-24 life 635752012-10-24 life 63578

We had no idea who was doing all the planning…they kept it super secret.  It turns out I was at lunch with a few girls including one of the “witches” talking about the upcoming party and she didn’t even crack a smile with all of us in bewilderment as to who in the world was so incredibly creative.

Then this was taped to our door as our final clue as to what the night was all about.2012-10-24 life 63570

So seriously, what else can you do aside from get into it and dress up?2012-10-20 Tal's visit 63551We were runner zombies (chosen because of the suggestion in the “witch’s book” to wear running shoes). 

There were 17 teams of eight gathered in that starting location where we were given instructions of where to go and what to do.  I could not believe all the creativity in the costumes.  They made our zombie outfits look like childs’ play. 

We all split up and were given clues to different “stations” as the night progressed. Man alive I can’t count the number of times I wished I had a camera.  Here are some the other people took: 2012-10

Boy howdy, each and every clue was quite amazing.  Here is one of them:2012-10-24 life 63573It was a CD with those clues on the front, with a recording of some country song talking about a Walmart parking lot.

We had to figure out from the clues that it was the Greenfield Baseline Walmart parking lot from that.  When we got there, we had to draw a card from a box and if we chose a “sweet” card, we had to run into the store and buy ice cream and eat the whole thing before given our next clue. If we drew the other card we had to eat sardines. 

Some clues were frozen in ice, we had to find skeleton bones in a graveyard they made up just for the night, we had to do a water relay, watch for another clue on a youtube video they gave us a link to (a video they had made and creatively dubbed just for that night), etc. etc.  They kept track of which team arrived first, finished quickest, etc.

The last two stations were in a gym where they threw hundreds of bouncy balls and each team had to find twelve with their team number on them.  I WISH I had a picture of that because I’m sure it looked hilarious to see all these adults in costume crawling around on the floor in the middle of a ton of bouncy balls.  And then there was a game where you had a balloon strapped to one of your ankles and you had to go around and try to pop everyone’s balloons. 

I’m telling you, jaw-dropping creativity. 

At the end we all gathered at one of the “witch’s” houses to eat and watch the prizes be distributed.

This team won for best costumes:2012-10-20 iPhone 63789Wowzers, it’s no wonder why.

Here are the four creative witches who did all the work (along with some extremely helpful husbands).2012-10-20 iPhone 63790

It sure was a night to remember. 

Thank you, thank you Hilda and helpers.  That one definitely goes down in the books :)


  1. Wow! That is the most creative Halloween party ever! I might have to copy this for next year :-) Looks like so much fun!

  2. wow, i can even imagine the prep work for that!
    uhm, you are the cutest zombie ever, loved your hair that night!
    Sooo fun!

  3. My brother had some friends in the Gilbert Area that did an amazing race as teams that was planned by 5 witches. Sounds so exciting. Glad you had so much fun.

  4. Wow, that is SO creative! I love throwing parties so this is something I will not be forgetting! That sounds like a lot of fun, it kind of reminds me of the Amazing Race ;)

  5. Love your costumes! Such a fun party.

  6. I'm so jealous! Sounds incredible! I'm going have to try to pull something off like that. Can't imagine all the work they put into it. So awesome!

  7. holy moly this sounds amazing! And like the most fun thing ever. I can only hope to get invited to something like this sometime in my life!!

  8. I really would love to get all her instructions to do this with my friends in Cali. If she posts it or sells it online, let us know. SO CUTE!

  9. That sounds amazing! I may actually learn to like Halloween if I participated in an awesome night like that!

  10. Holy moly that's incredible!!! Certainly a night you will never forget!

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  12. Hey Shawni, I tried sending a letter to the address you told me a little while back and i got it back saying it was an insufficient address, just wondering if you have any insight on this problem :) thanks

  13. I too would love to know if they post this party on their blog somewhere or if there is more information. So, darn cute and fun. Some day when my kiddos get older, I might just have to copy them and do this! I would love any more information you have of the night!

  14. I love Halloween parties! We threw big ones for 10 years, but not Amazing Race-type ones. We had so much fun, and we videotaped every single one! One daughter even met her future husband at our annual party.
    This party sounds phenomenal, and I love the invitations and clues, etc. The costumes are creative, including yours. The Kiss ones were great! What were the prizes? And do your team win any?
    I too would love to read more about this!

  15. Wow, that's pretty cool! I love stuff like this that just takes you out of the rat race and is just dang fun!

  16. 120Oh what a fun party!! I too, am wondering if we could get copies of this!! Sounds so fun for adults on down!!

  17. I would love to know if she would give or sell the specifics to do this. I'm not that creative.


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