Sunday, October 28, 2012

fall break

2012-10-14 Lake Powell 62202Growing up we had a tradition of going to Lake Powell.

We didn’t go in the summer like most normal people do. 

Because we weren’t really all that normal.

We packed up and went for Easter.

I don’t know how many years we did that, but man alive, it sure made us fall in love with that place.  SO many memories.  And seriously, one of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion.

We had no ski boat…we just rented a small houseboat and squished all eleven of us inside.


I remember my mom bringing dozens and dozens of eggs which we colored for Easter there. 

One year the Easter Bunny hid them along with a bunch of candy out in the sand and the coyotes found them before we did the next morning.

Since we didn’t have a ski boat, we just took our little houseboat around… moved to different gorgeous coves each day.  We explored canyons, climbed mile-high red sand hills, jumped off the top of the houseboat into the icy cold water, listened incessantly to “Big River” and “Stand By Me” soundtracks, and sunk as far as we could into the cold Lake Powell quicksand:s_9acqy2vl31006When it wasn’t too cold, we slept under the stars all bundled up in blankets and sleeping bags galore.  I remember the stars being as bright as I’d ever seen them.

One year we rented a fishing boat.  We had one waterski but the boat wasn’t strong enough to pull us up.  So we used and oar on the other foot to get out of the water and let it drop off so we could slalom all over the lake if it was a clear day.

So many memories.

One year I happened to be dating Dave.

My parents let me bring him along.

I think he thought our family was weird as weird could be…but the endearing kind of weird.  And we fell further in love in that place.

Years have passed.

We’ve been lucky enough to go to Lake Powell as couples quite a lot. 

01706_n_8ablnh9hs394603619_n_8ablnh9hs15692011-09-22 lake powell 37317

But we hadn’t introduced our kids to it’s splendor yet. 

And thanks to some great friends and some serious hook-ups, we got to make it happen for Fall Break last week…2012-10-14 Nichole's Lake Powell 62979

…just a little different from how I experienced it when I was their age.2012-10-15 Lake Powell 62224

Yeah, I think it might all be downhill from here.2012-10-15 Lake Powell 62235

I’ll be quiet and let the pictures tell the rest of the story.2012-10-15 Lake Powell 623122012-10-15 Lake Powell 623172012-10-15 Lake Powell 623252012-10-15 Lake Powell 623362012-10-15 Lake Powell 623442012-10-15 Lake Powell 623892012-10-15 Lake Powell 624142012-10-15 Lake Powell 624592012-10-15 Lake Powell 625432012-10-15 Nichole's Lake Powell 630042012-10-15 Nichole's Lake Powell 630172012-10-15 Nichole's Lake Powell 630292012-10-15 Nichole's Lake Powell 630312012-10-16 Breinholts 624832012-10-16 family pics 628712012-10-16 Lake Powell 627562012-10-16 family pics 628962012-10-16 Lake Powell 625752012-10-16 Lake Powell 626222012-10-15 Lake Powell 622462012-10-16 Lake Powell 626812012-10-16 Lake Powell 626962012-10-16 Lake Powell 627172012-10-16 Lake Powell 627212012-10-16 Nichole's Lake Powell 630342012-10-16 Lake Powell 627292012-10-16 family pics 628852012-10-16 Lake Powell 628302012-10-16 Lake Powell 62843

2012-10-16 Lake Powell 629722012-10-16 Nichole's Lake Powell 630472012-10-16 Nichole's Lake Powell 630482012-10-17 Lake Powell 632252012-10-17 Lake Powell 632282012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 630852012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 630942012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631232012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631242012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631312012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631402012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631442012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631532012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631592012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631642012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631652012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631662012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631692012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631712012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631722012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 631852012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 632002012-10-17 Nichole's Lake Powell 632042012-10-17 Victoria's lake powell 633442012-10-17 Victoria's lake powell 633832012-10-17 Victoria's lake powell 634052012-10-17 Victoria's lake powell 63463

2012-10-16 Lake Powell 629102012-10-16 Lake Powell 629202012-10-16 Lake Powell 629502012-10-16 Lake Powell 62955

Lake Powell, we love you.

And we will miss you…til next time.


  1. Oh my word. Gorgeous! And I love that you three ladies all had on the same bathing suit top!!! :)

  2. So cool! Looks like fun. How did you get the last two photos?

  3. Love Lake Powell! We had a houseboat experience around 1979 or so. Classic. The toilet broke. There was a massive storm. A dead cow floated by. Unforgettable place!

  4. You'll have to talk about bringing Dave to the lake when you were still dating when you continue your love story! (
    We are anxiously awaiting the second part!

  5. Looks like so much fun! Love campfires and cozy movies with friends - great photos!

  6. love that you and your friends share the same taste :)

    what an awesome place to visit. Can i ask about Elle's swimsuit? After one for my daughter.

    Thanks, Shawni


  7. Your family picture is SO cute! Your kids sure are getting big!

  8. Awesome pictures! Elle is looking so much older with her braces off and beautiful too!

  9. Beautiful photos! Looked like all of u had a fun and great time :))

  10. So Jealous! I LOVE lake powell, it holds so many memories for me and one of my favorite places to go.

  11. soooo fun, i sighed as i looked out of my window at all the snow, i sooo wish i was in a swimsuit on a house boat hahaha

    what great memories for your kids :)

  12. Wow! Such a beautiful place and looks like you had it all to yourselves most of the time!

  13. Love love love the photos!!!

    What lens and exposure do you use to get those sparkler photos?

  14. Your pictures are truly breathtaking, and you have a way of capturing true happiness from everyone's faces. What a great trip!

  15. So fun!! I grew up near the best lakes in the country and lake memories are some of my best.

    Where do you get your cute cute suits?? Love them.

    Looks like the modesty police are back. Don't let posters like the one above keep you from sharing your fun vacations!! I love getting ideas from you on places to visit with my kids.


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