Monday, October 15, 2012

Bear Lake–the end

The day before the big kids and I left Bear Lake Claire made Dave and I a special surprise:2012-07-18 iPhone 599282012-07-18 iPhone 59930Sweetie-pie.

We soaked in the last gorgeous sunset we would get until next year.2012-07-18 untitled 560442012-07-18 untitled 56053

Below is “Group 3” (who braved the mosquitoes to enjoy the sunset with me).2012-07-18 untitled 56057They are “signing” “I Love Three” (as in group three).

2012-07-18 untitled 56059

I cajoled one of my excellent photography brothers down to the lake to admire the sky with me and the girls.2012-07-18 untitled 560612012-07-18 untitled 560622012-07-18 untitled 56063

It was a beautiful sunset to wrap up quite a summer up there.

I love Bear Lake.

Have I mentioned that before? :)

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  1. What's not to love?? My word, that place is fabulous! I love how your family celebrates family!


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