Friday, October 12, 2012

a family get-away

We got a special deal at a local waterpark hotel through Living Social that we had to use by Labor Day.

We cut it to the last minute and dragged the kids out of their regular routine to just be together overnight. 


2012-09 az grand

The waterpark was fun, but I think the kids thought the giant pillow fight was even better.2012-09-07 iPhone 603742012-09-08 iPhone 603792012-09-07-AZ-Grand-601903_thumb2012-09-07-AZ-Grand-601913_thumb

Dave tried to get a little work done on the side.2012-09-08 iPhone 60383

Lu was sure we couldn’t see her behind her menu.2012-09-07-AZ-Grand-601953_thumb2012-09-07-AZ-Grand-601993_thumb

I’m realizing the more our kids grow up the harder it gets to pull them away from friends and electronics and social stuff and just be…2012-09-08 iPhone 60384

…a family. 

We need to do this more often.


  1. how fun!!! what a great to see the family are right, the older they the harder it will be to get all this "time" together. Keep it up!

  2. Your blog is my FAVORITE!! I absolutely love your pictures. :)

  3. Shawni, I love your blog! I became a mummy in June and discovered your blog at the same time - it kept me busy during those first weeks of crazy cluster feeding, so thank you! Your words and pictures are beautiful, it is lovely that you allow a peep into your gorgeous family. And how handsome is Max?!

    Thank you again, for your inspiration and for teaching me how to be the best mother that I can for my baby girl :-) xxx

  4. We had a huge family pillow fight in a hotel room right before we embarked on our family vacation (a cruise-one week). My husband's glassese got broken! :-O Thankfully he had contacts to wear in a pinch. He was very sweet and didn't yell at anyone-it was an accident. Still fun!

  5. Don't mean to be grumpy but how could you have established a regular routine? You are always out and about. Visiting your blog is a like a virtual vacation/adventure.

  6. I love that place! Staycations are the best!


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