Wednesday, September 26, 2012

skiing on the gold

2012-07-17 Bear Lake 55984

There is a rare magical evening up at Bear Lake once or twice each year where we take full advantage of the golden moments when the sun is sinking slowly behind the mountains across the lake. 

It only happens when the stars align in just the right way:  The little kids are in bed.  The water is smooth.  There is a lull in cooking and mess-clean-up duties.  The boat is still sitting languidly in the water waiting to be pulled in for the night.  No children are throwing tantrums. 

If the stars are aligned just so, someone whispers, “hey, let’s go catch the gold.”

The whisper spreads to those who are available and willing, and we sneak out with our mosquito repellant and a camera in hand to soak in the golden beauty of our surreal surroundings.

It starts out just normal…just a blue lake with light sliding gracefully from the sky.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 55906

These kids are now big enough to be included in the “whisper invites.”2012-07-17 Bear Lake 55936

Which, of course, they are pleased as punch about.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 55926

The first skiers ski.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 559372012-07-17 Bear Lake 559012012-07-17 Bear Lake 55894

Their mom tries to impress them with her sub-par skills on a “vintage” ski.  2012-07-17 Bear Lake 55869(The only ski left working after a summer of skiing those other skis into the ground.)

The light shifts.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 559072012-07-17 Bear Lake 559312012-07-17 Bear Lake 55933

Gradually.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 55950

Double-skiers try to get up together.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 559442012-07-17 Bear Lake 559632012-07-17 Bear Lake 559672012-07-17 Bear Lake 559082012-07-17 Bear Lake 559112012-07-17 Bear Lake 55919

The light turns richer and softer as the moments pass.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 559682012-07-17 Bear Lake 559702012-07-17 Bear Lake 55974

We play with it’s golden rays like a precious toy.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 559772012-07-17 Bear Lake 55980

We make “5” silhouettes because that’s what the reunion is based on this year.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 55981

(Pondering where we will be and what we will be doing five years from now.  Making plans to make what we want out of life.)2012-07-17 Bear Lake 559892012-07-17 Bear Lake 559952012-07-17 Bear Lake 55998

We soak up that light with all that we’ve got.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 56000

And use the paddleboard to grasp at the last drops of “golden-ness.”2012-07-17 Bear Lake 56006


  1. I love Bear Lake!!! I live in Cache Valley and just can't get enough of it!! My favorite is the evenings when the lake turns to glass! Perfect for skiing!!! Thanks for sharing your photos!!

  2. I absolutely love your pictures. Bear Lake is near and dear to my heart, and this time is amazing. I wish I had your photo skills to capture these memories as we do this with my own kids. There's no place like bear lake.

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