Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lucy's morning walks

Following the BBS conference Dave and I came home motivated to help Lucy get a little more exercise.

She loves a good schedule, so we wrote it out (back here) and it included a good summer walk every morning.
It has been one of my favorite parts of summer to watch her "race" her dad around the block.
She does not want him to beat her.
She always beats him back to the front door with those big dimples flashing out of her smile.
Love that girl.
And love her dad too.


  1. Awesome!!

    I HAD no idea that beautiful tree-lined streets existed in Phoenix. :-)

  2. so so sweet! what a beautiful little girl you have.

  3. Hey Shawni! Haven't been on your blog in a long time. Lucy is sure growing up - so big and tall!

  4. I drove past one of their morning walks 1 day this summer and it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen :)

  5. the minute I walked past you the other day I regretted not stopping and seeing what's up with you guys. I was just in a 'lets do this' mindset. Well maybe we'll cross paths again soon :) Lucy is so cute.

  6. Good on you guys! That's just what she needs!


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