Monday, July 30, 2012

ice cream scoops

Sometimes Lucy draws series of pictures, and I had to share this one.  It is the story of ice cream scoops (which I think is funny since we rarely have ice cream around…).
A couple ice cream scoops makes this person bored.  I mean, come on, just two scoops?2012-06-22 summer 52543
Add some more scoops and there comes a smile:2012-06-22 summer 52545
And even more?  Even better.2012-06-22 summer 52546
And if you fill up the whole page with ice cream scoops, curly hair grows in addition to the smile.2012-06-22 summer 52547Love that little girl’s mind.


  1. cute! It reminds me of the book "Ten Apples up on Top" by Dr Seuss

  2. So cute. Lucy is here drawing up a storm right now. I'll have to post some the pictures. She's into a Princess and crown stage today. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

  3. This made me smile:))) Lucy is such a sweet little girl:) Wish you all a wonderful day!


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