Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

How grateful I am for "America's Birthday" as Lucy calls it.

She's a little disappointed there's no candles or birthday cake, but this year I bet she'll fall in love with the fireworks.

Happy 4th to everyone!


  1. Thank Miss Lucy for me, for it was her idea and I'm going to adopt it. From now on, every 4th of July in our house will have a birthday cake and candles.
    Good idea Lucy.

  2. I LOVE these two photo's so much!!!:) Happy 4th!

  3. Happy 4th! For the next few years we're in Alaska where, because of the light summer sky, they aren't done! I am sad.

  4. Oh how I would love to see fireworks in AZ! Here in AK the temperature hovered around 58 degrees all day, and besides, it is daylight until 3am or so. Love your pictures!!!

  5. If your family came to San Diego again for 4th of July, how'd you like our 20 second fireworks show?


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