Sunday, April 22, 2012

soccer wrap-up

Claire finished her second season of soccer with a party.
...and a last game.

And I discovered a new thing about Claire:

Her tongue gives her power.
See that little thing all curled up?

...let's get a closer look:She sure has loved being on the Green Gator team!

And who wouldn't with all those cute girlfriends and awesome Coach Ashby for two seasons in a row?

It's just a shame Ashby is going to have a baby so this can't continue another season! :)


  1. I do the exact same thing with my tongue when I play sports.
    It just means she's an athlete :)
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  2. LOL, my 6-year-old chews on her tongue incessantly when she's concentrating! It always makes it look like she's chewing gum. She's been practicing for her ballet recital coming up and I swear the girl looks like she's got a mouthful of Bubblelicious when she's up there rehearsing!! It's those little things we just adore about our kids. :-)

    By the way, I have presented you with an award on the Mormon Mommy Writers blog ( Thanks for having such a wonderful blog!

  3. Hi Ashby! My old college roommate. :)

  4. my kids do the tongue-thing too!!

  5. i love the little tongue thing, how cute is that!

    Oh, but tell her when she's making the 'peace' sign, to turn her fingers the other way, it's a really really bad swear word in UK!! LOL

  6. Can I ask what is her coach's name? She looks so much like a 2nd cousin of mine that I haven't seen in several years!

  7. Her coach is Ashby and she is AWESOME. I better add that to the post...

  8. Oh man, I love those Gators!!!! Another fun season, thanks for being a part of it!

  9. That cute tongue belongs to a darling girl!


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