Monday, April 30, 2012

a new tennis player

So as the soccer season wrapped up (back here), Claire, probably my most begging-to-be-in-every-sport-child, started tennis.

So far she seems to be pretty pleased with that little fact.

Her form is top notch, (which apparently includes the tongue-power I discovered in soccer season :)
Ha actually makes me realize how far Elle has come!

It doesn't hurt that she takes lessons with one of her best friends who transferred to another school last year.
They are in heaven to be reunited.

Now if they could just concentrate on what they are learning rather than being so giddy to be together!

Love this shot:
Everyone is pretty amazed about where that sucker landed:
(Something is telling me it was not somewhere on the court.)

Elle's "clinic" starts right after Claire's done.
And she hits away at that ball as Claire watches in awe.

Now if we can just keep Claire going...

We have two strikes against us because Max and Grace both tried and decided it wasn't for them.

C'mon Claire, let's stick with this one!

I love tennis.

And I don't mind living out my tennis dreams through my children :)


  1. my girls do tennis clinic too and LOVE it!

    Love the silly, smiling photos!

  2. That shot made me LOL! Can you imagine how excited grandfather is??? He will die when he sees this!

    SO CUTE!

  3. Tennis is the best sport ever!

    Shawni, I just wanted to let you know I think you're an amazing mom and you have a beautiful family. Oh, and I want your new house!

  4. Elle's long legs are unbelievable! How tall is she?? She is one beautiful girl, she radiates!

  5. holy, i love the look of those little kids faces.. pricess!!!!!!!

    I am so jealous that it's short and t-shirt weather.. it's pouring here!

  6. ahhh, Claire. My favorite Pothier.

  7. Claire is a mini-version of Elle:) She looks the image of her & now seems to have her talent for tennis too:)

    I like the comment by your Mum & Dad:)

    Hi from the UK where we're having flooding problems at the moment - & a drought:)

  8. Shawni! You are the greatest mom ever and tennis IS the best sport -- ever. I hope they keep it up!
    xoxo alissa

  9. Shawni,
    I live in Gilbert too and would love to know where you send your kids for tennis lessons and "clinics". Thanks! :)

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  12. Love this Shawni! I have a question though, I hope this is the right place to ask it, but when do you give your kids a talk about homosexuality? It's in the media so much these days that I'd rather my kids hear it from me but I'm not sure what age is most appropriate. Thanks!

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