Monday, December 26, 2011

I forgot... post this link right before Christmas. My girls and I found it and we have watched it over and over again. They even showed it to their Joy School class.

It makes me cry every time.

We are soaking up family and loving the slowness the Christmas holiday brings.


  1. My daughters and I watche dit over and over too. Nora (6) kept asking wot watch it, she said. "It
    s just so sweet". Audrey (3) kept stating the obvious about the story, but I thought it was adorable that she was paying such close attention. I think we watched it about 6 times!! Hope you had a merry Christmas!!

  2. yeah, I see all those typos...oh well! ;)

  3. Love this so very much. Loved the opportunity to share it with my little boys even more! Thank you so much for posting.

  4. Hi Shawni-
    Your blog is great and you are inspiring to me to get out my "nice camera" more often to document life. Just wondering, since you use your blog as a family record/journal, do you print your blog into a book? All the blog to books I've seen print small photos
    (2.5x 3 inches) and as one who loves photography I wish that the pics in blog books could be bigger. What do you do? Do you have your blog just t keep in touch with family and print regular photos, or do you do blog to book? Thanks, Jill (

  5. Love this video! Made me cry too! It reminds me of one of my very favorite books I like to read at Christmas (even though it can be read all year). It's called Teddy Bear by David McPhail. Love it, love it, love it! It would be perfect for Joy School and teaching about giving.


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