Friday, April 22, 2011


Sometimes I get questions on this blog that I just stick in my "blog questions" file until I have time to sit and write a reply.

The only problem with that is that I still have some from last year. I figure I better get to answering them. I'm going to try to do a Q&A post each Friday 'til I can get through them. Feel free to send more along if you'd like. Here you go:

I would love to hear more details about the Mother/Daughter Book club {in this post}- what a fantastic idea. How did you run it with the girls?? Would love to try this with my girls.

My friend and her daughter set this up a few years ago. There are 12 girls and each one gets a month to pick a book and host at their house. They help make the refreshments, come up with activities, etc. to get everyone engaged in discussing the book. I think it has helped Elle become so much more in love with books.

Where do you get those tall candles for you kids' birthday cakes? So fun!

I have used these tall candles over and over and over again as you may have recognized...I'm sure I got them at like Target or Walmart, but they're just so darn tall that we can just keep re-using them. Love that.

I have a one of your pics in the background you have a "wall" of photos in like a collage pattern-love it! Are those shadow boxes open so you can change the photos? Or, how did you do them? Thanks!

Yes they are shadow boxes I got at Aaron Brothers where you can just pin pictures or objects. My friend Denise gave me that idea for which I'm very grateful.

(More about the kitchen spruce-up here.)

I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the golden paint color in your kitchen/dining room? I like it, and it's hard to find colors not too orange.

I get this question all the time and I'm so sorry but I don't even have an answer. I color matched a friend's color to get our color. And now that I did Dunn Edwards "Foggy Day" in Max and Elle's new bedrooms I want to paint over this tan and have our whole house be "Foggy Day" :) Ok, I kid, I love tan too, but I'm loving "cool tones" so much lately.

I'm dying to know how your friend made the family tree. It's adorable and I'd love to make them for my family.

My friend actually didn't make the kit, she bought it at Deseret Book. I've had a bunch of people ask about this and someone even sent me a link that they still have them but now I can't find the link.

What the heck is Just Dance 2? I've never even heard of Just Dance 1.

It's just an awesome game on the Wii where you try to mimic dance moves. It's good exercise and pretty darn fun too.

So what is the trick to getting such great basketball shots. We are in the thick of b-ball season and my shots have been pretty pathetic. I'm just a novice with a Canon Rebel xsi but I would love to know if there are any tricks to help me get some better shots! {click here for examples}

The trick to good basketball shots (or any shot in a big gym with artificial lighting for that matter) is turning up your ISO and turning off the flash. The only problem is that high ISO causes more graininess, so you have to keep that in check.

Can you tell me where you got that letter holder in your kitchen? {in this post and a bunch of others too} I desperately need one of those. PLEASE tell me where you got it!

I've had so many people ask about this too and I'm sorry to say that I got it at Target years ago and cannot find any more. I wish I could because I'd love to grab another one. They have similar things at Ballard Designs and I've seen them even at Marshalls or Ross, but this one is so great and I wish I had more :(

Ok, gotta run, more answers coming.

Happy Easter!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my Amazing Mother!!


  1. When somebody asked about how you get such great basketball shots, I totally thought they were meaning in-the-hoop kind of shots, haha. Good thing you're smart ;)

    I'm just a newlywed (of almost a year), but reading your blog makes me so excited to be a good homemaker & mother someday. Thanks for your inspirational insights & pictures & style! :)

  2. Hi Shawni,

    Happy to find you via Emi Edgely.
    Your parents books have been a blessing to me. I enjoy your/your Mom's collaborative book too.

    What do you choose to "pin" or mark on the map in your dining room?
    I love maps - and have considered marking everything from where family members have served missions, to LDS temple locations . . .
    your preference? I see you use the tiny map at the bottom to "pin-point" places (?)

  3. Do you ever speak to groups locally?

  4. I have seen the "cake float" tradition in some of your posts--could you share how that came to be? Thanks.


    Here is the link for the Family/Genealogy tree :-)

  6. I just bought the Faily Tree project at deseret book, but you can go to and the kit is called DIY Jared Family Tree Kit SKU: 4996501 $18.95. How's that for too much information?

  7. I always have so many questions for you, because you are amazing and I'd love to be more like you.

    I enjoy blogging, but don't get to it as much as I'd like. When do you make time for it? How do you schedule your day?

    Do you have a way that you can quickly upload lots of pictures. I always have to export my photos from iphoto then upload them one at a time to my blog, so that also makes it less fun to blog. How do you do yours?

    Any more mom organizing tips? I'd love them!

  8. That is so thoughtful of you to still post an answer to my question about the birthday candles that was months ago. Thanks Shawni!

  9. OOh i love your q & a, seriously friday is going to be my new fun blog day, i can sit for a few minutes and look at your questions! yeah yeah!

  10. I have an answer Shawni! I am one of the people who desperately wanted your letter holder. .. begged to know where you got it, and even begged people to make me one, but PROBLEM SOLVED! I found a few that are super cute! Here are the links! You can share them, or maybe people will just look at them here!

  11. Hey That is so cool! A Lady in my ward,sister {Cynthia} Canizales, is the owner of the Family tree company (and creator) who makes the family tree kits, Here is her website

  12. The Family Tree was designed and made by my husband's cousin. Here's the link to her website:

  13. Whoops, I didn't see Lasgirl's comments! But it's the same wonderful woman who designs and makes them.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Jennifer, I didn't see your comment either! wow I love that we know the same lady. :)

  16. check out this link for another great idea on the wall pockets & in custom colors, too!

  17. Just curious what your husband does for a living. I've read so much about your family, your activities and stuff like that, so I just wondered a little more about your husband.

    – Heather

  18. I'd love to hear how you handle computer, tv, video game, time at your house with your kids. We struggle with this at our house.

  19. What was the color of Elle's old room. I liked that color.

  20. Question for you to answer, please!!!! Where do you live in AZ? I am in love with your town/city through your pictures and could make a possible move to AZ and want to check out your area. Thanks!

  21. Thanks for answering our questions! Where did you get that white scalloped cake stand? I've looked everywhere for something like that!


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