Friday, April 15, 2011

conference weekend

In our church we have what we call "General Conference" twice a year. It is a time we get to listen to many of our spiritual leaders and I'm so grateful for it. I love the rejuvenation I feel from those words washing over me and helping me to become a more dedicated friend, daughter, mother, wife and daughter of God.

We listen to conference in our church buildings, or in some areas conference is broadcast on television (our area in the desert happens to be one of them). But anyone can listen to the messages by clicking here (and I'd highly recommend it :)

There is one meeting for the men (and boys ages 12 and up).

That is when Dave has some good quality time with Max, and I get to hang with the girls. (There's another meeting with girls and moms which Elle and I went to last week that I talked about here.)
We did a girls' craft night that night.
We painted frames for Elle's bedroom collage we're working on.
And also just plain painted.
Max sort of joined us later, but mostly he joined the iPad.

We loved listening to all the speakers during conference.Our kids fully utilize "bingo" boards to help them listen better.And Lucy mostly just "reads" her books.Yes, those lips are indeed green/blue. Not sure how that happened. Hmmmmm.
Luckily it didn't affect her listening skills :) (this was before the big arm-break)
We had some friends over for brunch.

And then "listened" to more conference.
These kids really were so good, and the talks were even better.
There had to be some kite-flying at the park because the weather was so beautiful.
And what would conference weekend be without a gathering of cousins to finish it all off? Dave was busy at work trying to help everyone get set up on this new whiz-bang "family texting" program.
I neglected to take pictures of our traditional-conference-cinnamon-roll-making, but they were there, and they were good.


  1. dang, you have a lot of energy! {found you thru Noelle Osborn}

  2. How funny...we do the morning cinnamon roll thing on conference Sunday too.
    I love Lucy's eyes. Man are they an absolutely beautiful blue. Ha! Kind of like Claire's lips.

  3. Conference weekend is great! I love watching conference with family. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. Sorry, I didn't really explain what the heck conference is! SO I went back and explained it a little better. Thanks for asking.

  5. I love your work! I also totally botched the cinnamon rolls in the morning and I even had TWO chances to get it right! :) lol
    I am not sure how to get in touch w you but we (Shelby Osmond and me) are planning a bloggers day out Aug 12 in UT. I am HOPING you are in UT and HOPING that you can come.

  6. Shawni... I thought of you when I read my good friend's blog this morning...she's YW pres. in our ward, and I thought you might like this idea. (didn't know how else to get a hold of you, so here I go commenting on this post!)
    here's the link to her blog:
    autie mousser

  7. So lovely to watch it all together with friends and family :) Thanks for encouraging me to watch some of the videos! The YW session was great.

  8. Wow! I can not believe how grown up Lucy looks in that photo! It's the first time I didn't see
    "baby" in her!:( And Holy smoke I think she looks just like Grace! Your such a good can't say you haven't been living up to your one word. Happy Easter Week!

  9. You have the best traditions! I'll have to adopt some of them.

  10. Great pictures once again! Didn't Claire break her arm recently? I don't see her with a cast on her arm, so hopefully it wasn't broken after all?

  11. Loved seeing this! I miss those kids!

  12. Yes, unfortunately Claire really did break her arm. These pictures were just from before the big falling-out-of-the-tree incident. I'll have to post pictures of her cast soon...

  13. Shawni, You don't know me but....I love your blog! I can't remember exactly how I found it but I think it somehow was through a connection with Rising Star Outreach (we have been to RSO twice for medical/dental missions). Anyway, your photography is stunning and your commentary is always so insightful and fun to read.
    I have tried to no avail to find an email address for you...I would LOVE to ask you a few photography questions! If you don't mind AND if you have a few minutes would you mind emailing me?
    Thanks a bunch. :)


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