Thursday, April 14, 2011

Claire's arm

Unfortunately this is not a picture of a prank Claire pulled for April Fools' Day:
This one's real.

She broke her arm last night when she fell out of a tree she was climbing.

After she got some pain medication and realized that she did not have to get the dramatic surgery or long-needled-shot she had been envisioning in her mind, she decided that all this hoopla was pretty dandy.
She marched out the door to school this morning with a big grin, daydreaming about how fun it would be to tell her class about her big her ordeal.

I sure hope that smile lasts when she gets frustrated that she can't write (it's her right arm) and when everyone is swimming while she's sitting on the side-lines over the next few weeks:(



  1. Aww, poor Claire! Hope it heals quickly for her.
    Also, I love her hair like that, it's so sweet!

  2. my little boy broke his arm two summers in a row...and i'll just say that paying a little extra for the waterproof casting material was worth EVERY penny! it's amazing to me how these kids just take it in stride!

  3. well that is no fun! Blog hopped on to your amazing blog thanks to Enjoyed your video.

  4. I love that you didn't get down on her for climbing the tree in the first place. Kids are born to climb, and trees are grown for climbing!

  5. Ouch. But remember how AWESOME it was to be the kid in the cast at school? I don't, because I never had a cast. But it seemed like all the cool people did. Crutches were also very cool.

    One of my best friends' children requested "crutches" on her list for Santa a couple of years ago. That was all she wanted. Santa gave her crutches, despite some misgivings on the part of his elves. The crutches were a hit! The crutches are still a hit! What do you think the go-to toy is at their house when other children visit? The crutches! What do you think my children asked for after they played with the friends' crutches? Crutches of their own!

    A tip I learned at the hospital: Glad Press 'n Seal is perfect for wrapping tightly around casts to keep them dry. You can actually seal it to skin. Just wrap several layers around to make sure everything is covered. I don't know how well it will hold up for swimming, but it'll work for bathing and showering.

  6. I always wanted a cast when I was a kid. I just didn't want to have to earn it in any way.
    Maybe she could wrap it in plastic wrap and a plastic bag and then get in the water, but keep her arm out. You could buy one of those little baby floats for her to rest her arm on...just some thoughts.

  7. Oh wow, that is no fun! Poor Claire looks pretty thrilled. :) I'm such a wimp; I dread the day that happens here & I just know my husband will be out of town when it does.

    How about that darling hair, though! I have fallen off the sled this year with my girls' hair. Ponytails is "fancy." Gotta get back on that (can't blame it on baby forever!).

  8. Shawni, when Lindsay broke her arm, she got her fiberglass cast (purple and sparkly and I wasn't told it was specifically waterproof or special) and they told her she absolutely could swim with it. I was shocked. Good luck with it - Lindsay would sneak the rat tail comb to stick inside to itch. It was hard to say no.

  9. Oh poor Claire! Hope it's not too painful for her and that she enjoys all the attention at school :)

  10. Oh Claire - hope your arm heals soon. I can relate - broke my right arm - fell off a bike then left arm ten days later. Crazy!

  11. her hair is adorable like that! Her poor arm :( hopefully it heals fast (luckily kids usually heal fast from broken bones). At least it's not smack dab in the middle of summer yet!

  12. Amen to the waterproof cast! It really is worth every penny!


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