Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elle--larger than life

Elle loves her orthodontist.

Especially since she feels like she may need to hand out a few autographs when she goes into the office.

Why? Well, because this is on the wall there:
Remember those studio shots here? This is one Nicole took from that shoot (and she happens to be married to one of the "big men on campus" over there at Garn/Mason Orthodontics).

Yeah, Elle's smile in this picture doesn't quite do justice to how awesome she thinks that is...

She's trying to play it cool. But inside her heart is beating a little faster. Because that is HER there filling up the wall larger than life for crying out loud! And what teenager wouldn't like that??


  1. Oh my word, how awesome is that??!! She DOES have a fabulous smile! What a girl! Gorgeous!

  2. How cool is that! It's a beautiful photo... makes me want braces :)
    A few weeks ago, my son was is a target catalogue and on the morning show. His friends at school said he sholud come to school in a limo because he's famous ;)

  3. What a cool thing to have done!

  4. Whoa - that's huge! What fun!!!

  5. Love that Elle! She's as good on the inside and she is on the out@

  6. I'm sure that will just be the first of many modeling opportunities for the beautiful yet humble El!

  7. Oh my goodness how cool is that! She is one beautiful girl!


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