Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve (Part 1)

...The part where we had dinner at Nana & Papa's house.
With a whole slew of cousins...(Six of Dave's eight siblings were in town.)(Lucy decided which family she'd like to be a part of and stuck with them.)

Dave's five beautiful sisters:
The only picture I got of the wonderful masters of ceremonies:


  1. oh what beautiful families! love that lucy picked a family - hope you didn't take it personally. My husband is one of 7 and i just love that I married into a large family and gave my children lots of cousins:)


  2. I love how you make the effort to always get family portraits. I wish I did that, instead of just thinking, "Oh later." Later never comes!

  3. What beautiful families! Amazing combinations!

  4. That Lucy is smart, we love Seth and Julie too!! They used to live by us in Nor Cal, miss them tons!!

  5. I really missed being with you guys! Im sure you had a lot of fun. love you & miss you!

  6. Love love love the Pothier's (all of them!) It's always so fun to peek on here and see wonderful Bob and Marva and Julie and Seth too. Happy New Year Shawni!


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