Thursday, May 20, 2010


What I post on this blog:

Reality (30 seconds earlier):
I kid...Grace really is my best poser ever (and she's gonna kill me for posting that), but seriously these pictures make me smile. They're even better if you look at them in reverse order.

She's all grumpy:

I tell her she better shape up and I love the fake smile:(I promise Claire is just a little mixed up on how to make a "peace" sign...not whatever my brother just told me that sign is in England...)

The point of these pictures though, is not just to put reality out there. I want to show these awesome shirts that Amy (the incredibly thoughtful racer) had made up and wore in her race as well as hosting a give-away. Some people asked about getting their own "I Love Lucy" shirts to run in and she wrote about how to get one here (she also tells an inspiring story about the guy who made her the heart reaches out to him).

Let me know if anyone else runs with an I Love Lucy shirt because I'd love to include pictures on the I Love Lucy blog.

Thanks so much, Amy!


  1. your children are adorable. as are, you! i'm off to check out the "i love lucy project". so happy i found your blog...via blogher!

  2. Nice fake smile, Grace. Love it.

    I hope you don't have any England readers because Claire is flippin' the bird the way they do it there.

  3. I also have a few pictures of my kids giving me "fake" smilies too.

  4. Oh they look so good! Glad you got them! And the orders are comin' in :)

  5. I love reading your blog. I love your upbeat and positive attitude towards God and your family. I feel the same way and love to see others so thrilled with where God has them in life! Thank you for being an encouragement!

  6. Love it! I'm so glad you clarified that finger pose - being from England I did wonder just what exactly you'd said to her! I kid, I kid. Love the blog xxx

  7. I love reading your blog... and yuor book. yeah - i was going to say that sign is an offense in England! Ha!

  8. Oh, i just found your blog and am SOOO amazed that you have 5 children and still sound sane. :) Your family is sooo beautiful and I just LOVE this blog!


  9. I sure love reading your blog and looking at those gorgeous kiddos. You are an inspiration. If you have time, take a look at my new blog:

    I've only posted once, but am going to try to be regular!


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